When the Jardine Inspectors arrive to a home, They begin by looking at the exterior, roof including shingles and flashings. This is as we are walking up to the home.

The Inspection includes mounting the roof when accessible.  We walk the whole roof looking for soft spots, bad shingles or hail. When we find these issues, we take photos when we can and include them on the report. Not all phots will be included on the report.

We then go inside the home and inspect the kitchen, bathrooms and interior. The kitchen appliances are inspected and we do run most appliances. We run a lot of water to try to find leaks. We do the same in the bathrooms. We run; showers, flush toilets, and run sinks and showers. Our inspectors flush toilets three to five time each, run water for several minutes. The interior of the home is inspected to include; electrical receptacles and fixtures, walls, ceilings and floors (solar tubes/skylights), fireplaces and windows. We attempt to open every window and test every receptacles.

After the main floor is completed we go to the basement if one exists. We are looking at the foundation walls, all the serer lines, water heaters, furnaces/air conditioners, electrical panel(s) and each receptacle, open and close windows. flooring and ceilings. The basement includes some of the most important issues, so we spend a little extra time looking for these issues.

After the basement, we inspect the garage. We check the overhead door to be sure it is safe to use. We open and close the overhead door several times to observe how it works. All the floors, walls and ceilings (accessible walls), windows are inspected.  Each receptacle is tested and light fixture.

No inspection is complete without looking at the attic. Not just to see type and how much insulation, but to observe ventilation and electrical fixtures  and/or wiring.

So, in summary, the Jardine Inspectors look at all accessible areas  of a home. Behind walls and above ceilings are not accessible therefore not included. They do not test washers or dryers. Anything hiding behind walls are not items that would be included.

Every home is inspected with the same respect and the same detail.

There may be times other services are wanted: Radon Monitoring (Jardine can include), Termite Inspections (Jardine can include).

The Jardine Office accepts, cash, credit cards, checks and money orders.



Customer Testimonials

" We were very impressed with Matthew's professionalism and knowledge. He was able to explain things he found in an easy way without all the inspector speak. We recommended Jardine Inspections to several friends."